lunarwolf28's Journal

9 January
My name is Howard. I'm 18 years old.My birthday is on Jan 9th. I go to Ravena Coeymons Selkirk.I've had asthma since birth.It was so bad but i'm like better now. i have brown eye's black hair. I'm half black half puertorican.I'm a summer kind of guy. I like sports, and work out alot.I like to draw and i'm pretty good at it.Nice by nature, mean by bastards. Why does everyone feel if someone has something racist to say, they must tell me. "my defense is inpregnable, my style is impetuous. I want your heart," "I want to eat your children." lol ~mike tyson. i might not look it but i eat more the most fat people do lol well if you want to know more talk to me otherwise i'm outtie.and sorry if i think your some 40 year old comeing for a outline booty call lol i get that alot and it pissies me off.